Donor Acknowledgement

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Opera Naples is sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

A Curtain Call For Our Generous Supporters

With heartfelt thanks, Opera Naples acknowledges our generous sponsors who make the grandest of art forms thrive in Southwest Florida. Below are the Opera Naples patrons who have made contributions in the past twelve months.

Lifetime Donors

($1,000,000 +) Also included in the Millennium Club

Louise & Lawrence Ost

Cecile & David Wang

Lifetime Donors

($500,000 +) Also included in the Millennium Club

Jan Burrus

Sandi and Thomas Moran

Wendy Needham

Nicoletta and John Pepe

State of Florida

Lifetime Donors

($100,000 +) Also included in the Millennium Club


Erika and Peter Aron

Clement J. Deliso Sr

Moira Fennessey

Boruch and Olga B. Frusztajer

Sally and Thomas Gleason

Bronwen Adams

Gerald Goldberg

Judy and John Hushon

Martha and Frank Ibarra

J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Linda and Michael Kehoe

Karin and Michael Standen

Cindy Stegemann

Paula and Roger


Joanne Wyss

Lifetime Donors

($50,000 – $99,999) Also included in the Millennium Club

Jeanne Binder

Richard E. Gray

Linda and Thomas Koehn

Moran Wealth Management

Joanne and Richard Liddy

Terry and Patrice Magrath

The Galliford Mulard Foundation

Susan Mullin

Selma Nettles

Maureen and Charley Nevaril

John Lyngaas and Linda Noel

Jay R. Paul Charitable Foundation

Nancy and Doug Plourde

Toshiko and Jay Tompkins

Samuel Vasquez Jr.



($25,000 +) Also included in the Millennium Club

J. Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc
Jan Burrus
Sally and Thomas Gleason
Bronwen Adams and Gerald Goldberg
Wendy Needham
Louise and Lawrence Ost
Nicky and John Pepe

Grand Patron

($10,000+) Also included in the Millennium Club

Erika and Peter Aron
Community Foundation of Collier County
Susan Gibbons
Moran Family Foundation
Susan Mullin
Nydia Tranter


($5,000+) Also included in the Millennium Club

Linda Baker
Susan and Arthur Bookbinder
Sheila and Christopher Cole
Moira Fennessey
Finemark National Bank & Trust
The Patricia S. Heyman Foundation, Inc.
Anne and W. Alex Hoffmann
Nancy Kahn
Linda and Michael Kehoe
Stan Kisiel
Bill Lindsay
Melody Sawyer Richardson
Carl Sceusa
Connie Von Zwehl and Stan Kisiel


($2,500+) Also included in the Millennium Club

Kathleen Azzariti
Claire and John Bertucci
Shari and David Boehnen
Gisselle and Jorge Calleja
Dr. and Mrs. Blane Crandall
Mary Gunther
Charles Harriman
Teresa and Jeffrey Heitmann
Ann Host
Joanne and Richard Liddy
Sue Like
Jan Madigan
Lisa and Brad Nelson
Jeree and John Robertson
Bonnie Slobodien
Gail and Russell Smith II
Nan and George Van Setter

Millennium Club Members

($1,000 for Individual Membership, $1,500 for Couple)

Elizabeth and James Barton
Emogene Bedrosian
Roberta Beranek
Arthur and Susan Bookbinder
Frank Caccamise and June Reeves
Carolyn and Richard Chormann
Joyce and Patrick Coughlan
John Czarnetzky
Rinaldo D’Argenio
Charlie and Hilda Emerson
Betty Fagan
Mr. Michael Goldman
Rufino Hernandez
Joanne Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kupperman
Patrick Moran
Thelma and Bud Negley
Maureen and Charley Nevaril
John Lyngaas and Linda Noel
Christine and Tom Rogan
Robert Schultheis
Suzanne and Eric Spitzer
Frances Stillman
Bonnie and Bill Stoloski
Richard Tooke and Charles Marshall
Paula and Roger Weatherburn-Baker



Nancy and Richard Blackburn
Suzan Bly
Pamela Brown
Linda and Harold Butler
Frank Caccamise
Ginny and Paul Chapin
Greta Chisholm
Mike Corkery
Carol Covello
Nancy Curtis
Ajit Desai
Richard Diedrich
Shannon and Steven Diener
Richard Dobson
Dina Elliot
Betty Fagan
Suzette Fernandes
Livio Ferrari
Ed Fiorentino
Anne Russell and Torrey Foster
Nicole Galliford
Patrick McGirl and Tania Gatt
Susan Gehrke-Lo Piano
George E. Gould
Diana and Stephen Gray
Catherine Hackney
Blanche Hawkins
Judy and John Hushon
Terry and Ted Ingrassia
Judythe and Marty Isserlis
Carla and Roger Kirkpatrick
James Lafond
Susan and Eric Latos
Edward Lyons
Michael McCully
Brenda McNamara
Jaqueline and William Mears
Elizabeth Migliara
Dottie and David Mink
John Brian Molloy
Richard Mounce
Norris Center City of Naples
Ellen Nicklaus
Rose and Richard Novak
Marlyse Planer
Jennifer Richardson
Naida and Michael Rodman
Karen and Sam Smith
Patricia Stratton
Valaipetch Aivey Street
Mr. and Mrs. Don Strumillo
Nancy White
Carol Whittemore
Ellen Williams
Bank of America Employee Giving



Meeyung Ainsworth
Dianne Ambrose
Arabella Bas-Kingsley
Suzanne Beck
Valerie A. Becker
Jane Berger
D. Lacquaniti Bespoke Inc
Marlys L. Bromberg
Katherine Brownell
Patricia Chibende
Andrew Cline
Suzanne and Norman Cohn
Paula Cooper
Betty and John Henry Davis
Adrienne DeBaz
Marlene Derdzinski
Sharon L. Eiseman
Jeanie Figg
Jane Gaillard
Patricia Garvey
Oliver D. Gildersleeve
Jill Gnesda
John Gray
Dr. and Mrs. David Greene
Kelly Hammons
Bradley L. Heiges
Harriet Heithaus
David Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson
Peter Kelly
Lorraine Kostyra
Clare and Theo Loughrey
Paula Luccio
Ruth Manchester
Franklin Mills
William Murphy
Carol Pepe
Mary Pfeil
Martha Purdy
Donna Raab
Susan Range
Jennifer Richardson
Hewit Rome
Roger and Ksenia Saad
Mary Ann Shockley
Catherine and Richard Singleton
Jane Smith
Judith Stephenson
Richard Stien
Linda Stikeleather
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thiele
Sharon Treiser
Harold Trimmer

Did we make an omission or mistake?
Please let us know so we can correct it in the next Program print run. We strive to thank generous supporters like you correctly. Call (239) 963-9050 or email Thank you!

Guild of Opera Naples.

Being a Guild Member is a wonderful opportunity to go behind the scenes, meet cast members and experience the life of a theatrical operation firsthand while knowing you are helping to keep opera alive in their community.

Premier event space.

Host spectacular receptions, recitals, concerts, and conferences in our large event space in the heart of Naples. Enjoy theatrical lighting, sound and projection with up to 320 tiered seats and 120 cafe-style seats.

Supporting our community.

Join us in our mission to provide powerful and insightful performances and help our community grow culturally through education and outreach to all ages and stages.