Sponsor Opera Naples

An opera company is the sum of many parts. Casts need to be identified, assembled and rehearsed. Contracts need to be negotiated and signed. Sets, costumes and props need to be made, built, purchased or rented. Productions need to be advertised. Venues need to be scouted and booked. Playbills must be created, written and printed.

All this takes people, literally hundreds of people, gifted leadership and talented staff; singers, musicians and conductors; technical crews; set designers, costume designers and graphic designers; lawyers and accountants; photographers, advertising and PR professionals; and countless others somewhere behind the scenes.

We are deeply grateful to all our sponsors, private, corporate and civic, who continue to give so generously and help us keep our operations running. They are proudly displayed on our home page. But we especially wish to acknowledge our thanks to the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and our elected state officials, the representatives of Collier County, particularly Commissioners Penny Taylor and Donna Fiala, and the ongoing support and encouragement of Naples Mayor and Council. Opera Naples is the city’s opera company.

There are many ways you can help, large and small.

  • Underwrite an Opera or a soloist, director, conductor, costumes, set, or orchestra – ($5,000-50,000).
  • Underwrite a Master Class or Recital.  ON charges nominal admission, but participants are not charged for instruction and many free tickets are distributed – ($3000-20,000).
  • Sponsor the Operetta Summer Camp.  ON charges tuition and sells modestly priced admission tickets, but most students receive scholarship assistance and free tickets for family – (A student, $1,000 or underwrite the production $5,000-10,000).
  • Sponsor the Children’s Chorus. Opera Naples does not charge for this program – (A student for a year $1,000 to annual program cost: $50,000).
  • Sponsor the Opera Naples Chorale – (Sponsor a professional participant: $1,000 and up or sponsor the chorale for a WOC opera performance: $5,000).
  • Attend Our Annual Gala.
  • Sponsor the Opera Naples Orchestra – (Conductor: $3,000-10,000 per performance; a lead instrument: $1,000 and up per performance; sponsor an instrument: $500-$1,000 per production).
  • Sponsor the Young Artists Program. Artists are given a three-month stipend, expenses, transport, free instruction, participate in ONcore productions, outreach and opera productions – ($15,000-20,000 per student; $50,000 annual cost of program).
  • Sponsor an ONcore performance at a school or in an assisted living center – ($3,000-$5,000).
  • Buy a seat at the Wang Opera Center. Your name, or that of someone important to you, will be permanently affixed to a seat that will be yours whenever you buy a ticket to a performance at the Wang Center – ($1,000).
  • Join the Millennium Club – ($1,000 single, $1,500 couple).
Opera Naples Gala Event

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged, are tax deductible, and will be noted in our published literature and on this website.

Our annual financial statements are available on request to the Opera Naples office.