Cluster Pluckin’

Cluster Pluckin’ moves to Opera Naples this year

Neapolitan Russ Morrison says you’ve never been to a pluckin’ until you’ve been to the Neapolitan Opry’s Cluster Pluckin’, a bluegrass/folk/Americana/ jazz concert that Mr. Morrison organizes and promotes under the auspices of the Florida Fish Hook Tour.

For its eighth annual program, Cluster Pluckin’ moves from The Norris Center to the new David and Cecile Wang Opera Center on Saturday evening, Jan. 9. Structured much like an old-fashioned radio show out of Nashville, Tenn., Cluster Pluckin’ bring nine acts to the local stage. Each group plays for approximately

18 minutes, and then there’s a brief commercial for one of the sponsors (less than five minutes) while the next act sets up.

“It’s everything from jazz and harp guitar to Delta country blues and steel drums,” Mr. Morrison, himself a bluegrass guitarist, says. Some of the acts, he adds, “defy classification.” All of them, he promises, are expert musicians whose highly entertaining performances are suitable for all ages, “from the young ’uns to grandma and grandpa.”

This year’s Cluster Pluckin’ lineup consists of:

Andy Wahlberg on the harp guitar, Bob & Lucia, The Bug Tussle Ramblers, jazz trumpeter Bob Zottola, Captain Joe and The Bottom Feeders, Cypress Hol- low, Frank Corso, J Robert and Ryan Bladen (aka Lil’ Eddie).