soprano Danielle Pastin in Die Fledermaus

Opera Naples to host soprano Danielle Pastin in Die Fledermaus

Nationally acclaimed opera singer Danielle Pastin will be performing live in Opera Naples’ one-time production of Die Fledermaus later this month. Although the award-winning soprano has graced a number of stages across the country and in the sunshine state, this will be her first time performing in Southwest Florida. The operetta will be featured at Hayes Hall at the Artis-Naples and will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 22.

Pastin will be performing the role of Rosalinda, the wife of Eisenstein, a wealthy citizen who has defaulted on his taxes. When Eisenstein is sentenced to a week in jail for his debts, he pretends to go to jail to complete his allotted time, saying goodbye to his worried wife. Eisenstein is instead convinced by his best friend to sneak off to a masquerade for one more night of fun.

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